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Don't Look Back
by Rachel Hore
by Lesley Pearse
Exits Clearly Marked
by Jill Dawson
Love is
by Limahl
Murderous Intent
by Author Catherine Sampson
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by Imogen Parker
by Simon Woodroffe
by Dick King-Smith
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Windmills Of My Mind
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Womens' Rights
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TheNeverEndingStory?
TheNeverEndingStory is a unique new online facility that for the first time allows Internet users from anywhere in the world to read, and importantly contribute to, a range of constantly evolving ongoing online publications including stories and poems started by well-known authors and personalities or site members themselves.

2. How does it work?
Please see the How It Works page.

3. Is the site really free?
Yes completely! Unlike some websites out there that offer a free membership only for you to find out later that you have to pay for the features you really want, TheNeverEndingStory is completely free to use. But you have to register as a site member first!

4. Are there any restrictions on membership?
Very few. You need to be aged 18 or over to use the site and you must agree to abide by the site's Terms and Conditions. That's it!

5. What can I do on the site as a member?
  • You can read great original stories and poems started by famous people and authors as well as by site members from around the world.
  • You can add to these ongoing 'live' publications by simply entering your text on the input screen that appears after you have clicked the Write the Next Page link.
  • You can start your own stories and poems on the site and either invite other people to contribute to them, only invite certain people, or keep them completely private so that only you can read and add to them.
  • You can manage your stories and poems by selecting the submissions from site members you want to add next and editing them to fit in with the rest of your publication.
  • Your can create your own profile page and automatically let your friends and family know when a page or verse you have written appears on the site.
  • You can send us the first two chapters of your unpublished books to be reviewed by independent reading groups. The best ones could end up being published by TheNeverEndingStory.
  • You can chat to other site members from around the world in the site's forums.
Remember anyone can read the first page of any story or poem on the site but only registered members can read all the pages of the publications, access other site features and submit the next page or verse to the stories and poems. Registration is free so sign up today! Extra benefits for members are to be added soon so watch this space!

6. Do I have to register as a member to access these features?
Yes you do but as it says above, Registration is free so sign up today!

7. How do I write the next page of a story or the next verse of a poem?
Simply log in, go to the story or poem you want to add to and click the Write the Next Page link. Then just enter your text in the box on screen (for stories between 350 and 550 words only please), click submit and follow the on-screen instructions.

8. How do I start my own story or poem on TheNeverEndingStory?
Simply log in and click the Start your own Story or Poem! link or go to your Admin Area

9. How do I let other people send me their submissions for a story or poem I started?
Simply select this option in your Admin Area. Make sure the 'Read only?' box is unchecked in your Admin Area.

10. Can I let only certain people send me submissions for a story or poem I've started?
Yes. This is an option in your Admin Area. Simply uncheck the 'Public Access?' button and then click the 'View/Edit Invitations' link at the top of the page.

11. Can I keep stories or poems I've started completely private so only I can read and add to them?
Yes. This is an option in your Admin Area. Just uncheck the 'Public Access?' button in your Admin Area and ensure you have no one listed in your invitations list.

12. How do I manage my stories and poems?
Simply go to your Admin Area.

13. Can I end my stories and poems at anytime?
Yes, however, stories which abruptly stop or don't seem to come to a natural conclusion may not be considered for publication.

14. Will stories and poems I've started and managed on TheNeverEndingStory be published?
They could be! TheNeverEndingStory aims to publish the best stories and poems created on the site as actual books. Each book published by TheNeverEndingStory will be publicised internationally and available to buy from websites such as Amazon (and hopefully in shops too soon!).

15. How do I send TheNeverEndingStory a poem for possible inclusion in a TheNeverEndingStory poetry book?
Simply click the blue 'Send us your Poem!' link and then follow the on-screen instructions.

16. What's the Review Club?
TheNeverEndingStory's Review Club is a revolutionary new way for aspiring authors to have their work independently assessed and selected for publication at no charge to themselves.
Unlike publishing houses and agents we let the people decide which books should be published. We do this by passing the first two chapters of your unpublished book to a reading group to review. Reading groups are made up of people that love books and great stories, and will give an honest opinion of your planned publication.
If a reading group particularly likes the first two chapters of your book, TheNeverEndingStory will contact you to ask for the rest of the book. This will also be reviewed by a reading group(s) and we will publish the books they like the best!

17. How do I upload or change a photo of myself to appear on the site?
Just click the Update Image link at the top of the page.

18. How do I create a profile page?
Click the Edit profile page link at the top of the page and simply fill in the relevant details.

19. Can I change the details on my profile page whenever I want?
Yes. Just go to the Edit profile page.

20. What if I've lost my user name and / or password?
Just click on the 'Forgotten password?' link in the Login Area and follow the instructions.

21. Who owns the copyright of text I've written or photos / images I've uploaded that are featured on the site or in books published by TheNeverEndingStory?
You do. You only grant TheNeverEndingStory Ltd rights to publish your text and pictures and use them for promotional purposes. For fuller details please read our Acceptable Use Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

22. Do I get paid royalties from books that include text I've written?
Unfortunately not; due to the complex nature of collaborative book creation it would be extremely difficult to pay royalties to all the people who have contributed to an individual book. However, members who have contributed to a collaborative online publication that becomes a book can buy copies at a discounted rate.
Online publications that are entirely written by one member and once complete are selected for publication by TheNeverEndingStory, and those selected by TheNeverEndingStory's Review Club, will be treated as 'normal' unpublished manuscripts with royalties paid to their authors.

23. So what do I get as a site member?
Lots of things, completely for free...
  • The unique opportunity to read numerous ORIGINAL and constantly evolving stories, poems and other publications on a daily basis.
  • The unique opportunity to add to stories, poems and other online publications started by site members from around the world.
  • The unique opportunity to read and add to stories, poems and other online publications started by celebrities and internationally recognised authors such as Jeffrey Archer and Dick King-Smith.
  • The unique opportunity to start and manage your own stories and poems online.
  • The unique opportunity to act as editor of your own online publications and keep them private or invite submissions from other site members (just a few or the entire global membership base).
  • The unique opportunity to gain recognition for your writing online (on a story or poem page) and possibly even in a book.
  • The opportunity to chat to fellow site members from around the world in the site's forums.
  • The unique opportunity to send us the first two chapters of unpublished books you've written for review by independent reading groups (The Review Club).
  • The unique opportunity to be at the forefront of collaborative story and poem book creation.
24. What is DocRoc?
DocRoc is the name of the unique document reading and online collaboration technology that TheNeverEndingStory Ltd has created to run TheNeverEndingStory site. The technology can be used to power any online or global collaborative document creation purpose, and other sites based on the technology are soon to be launched by TheNeverEndingStory Ltd.
Licences for use of DocRoc are available to businesses and organisations interested in having their own internal or external collaborative document creation platform or website. Contact us via the enquiry form on the contacts page or via the www.DocRoc.net website for more information.

25. I'm an advertiser, how do I advertise on TheNeverEndingStory?
Site wide banner or box advertising on TheNeverEndingStory site is available to reputable companies interested in reaching our growing global membership base. For more information, please contact us via the enquiry form on the contacts page.

26. Who owns and operates TheNeverEndingStory?
TheNeverEndingStory is owned and operated by TheNeverEndingStory Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (UK). Our address is: The NeverEndingStory Limited, Unit 2, A1 Parkway, Southgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom PE2 6YN.

© 2007 TheNeverEndingStory Ltd | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | About us | Contact us Powered by DocRoc
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